About us

We enable brands to be successful by acting responsibly. Brands that already act sustainably, we help to understand trends and open up their market potential.

What drives us is the awareness that everything is connected, and the knowledge that we can influence it, and want to influence it, actively shaping good consumption.

Successful brands of tomorrow have an attitude, an opinion, they base their business model on those values that are important to them. Fans and buyers are found from these ideals. Strategies need courageous visions. Visions need intuition and passion.

We have more than 10 years of experience in the successful positioning of brands. Our customers include major international top brands as well as owner-managed companies. Our expert focus is food, but our customers also come from the financial sector and the fashion business.

Jörg Reuter

is an agronomist with a background in organic agriculture. He has worked on farms and milked sheep in the foothills of the Pyrenees. A deciding moment whilst selling organic carrots the Farmers Market led him here, swapping spade for suit, to become a consultant. His vision was to take organic out of it’s niche and make it successful.

For more than ten years, he has advised companies on the connection of responsibility and customer value. Jörg’s passion for good food is as strong as ever, evident in his store “Vom Einfachen das Gute”.

Manuela Rehn

originally wanted to become a rainforest scientist, however studied International Marketing in Berlin and Amsterdam. After her studies she discovered her love for sustainable agriculture during her travels in Costa Rica. Back in Berlin, in 2005, she met Jörg and they’ve been working together ever since.

A few years ago, craving the jungle once more, she packed up her bags for Borneo (Indonesia) to work in an Orangutan reserve. The protection of these animals is a heartfelt concern of hers.

Manuela not only has a love of nature and animals, but one of good food too. Standing behind the counter of the co-owned store “Vom Einfachen das Gute” she is truly content.

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Alexander Hissting

is a trained farmer and agricultural engineer. Following his passion for the sea, mountains, and agriculture, he travelled between dairy farms in the Swiss Alps, shepherding in France, and back and forth over the the Arctic and Pacific oceans. The desire to return to the eco-political engagement of his  academic studies led him to settle down.

He was a driving force in the work of Greenpeace Germany for years, active in sustainable agriculture and food production, with emphasis on genetic engineering. Since joining GrüneKöpfe in 2010, he has aided companies in dealing with sustainability-hotspots and helped the “GMO-free” production, in the area of animal-based foods, to become industry standard.


Deschna Afram

came to Berlin, after her studies, to do an internship at a German Federal Corporation. Not agreeing with the way development policy is done at an international level, she decided to go back to what she does best: make people happy with good food.

Working at “Vom Einfachen das Gute”, with her academic background in sustainable agriculture, she was quickly discovered by Jörg and Manuela. Now Deschna is making people happy with good food in her work for GrüneKöpfe as a junior consultant.

Sascha Walz

studied marketing and economics in Dresden, Argentina and Berlin. He is an aspiring meat sommelier and restaurateur at heart. Working with exceptional food, and as a host, has always been his dream.

Through his regular visits to farms and producers he fosters a closeness to the farmer, the animal, the products and the stories behind food. He feels at home behind the counter at “Vom Einfachen das Gute” where he enjoys dealing with the customer, ensuring a great consumer experience.

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