What drives us is the awareness that everything is connected and the knowledge that we can influence it and want to influence it, actively shaping good consumption.


The brand URSPRUNG

URSPRUNG is the first own-brand of a national company that consistently covers both aspects: Story of product origin and sustainability.
All URSPRUNG-products feature real, emotional product-producer stories. Each product has sustainability as an added value.

Cookbook "Wir haben einfach gekocht"

The cookbook, 'Wir haben einfach gekocht,' is the result of a German-wide journey in the footsteps of culinary memories from a generation that, today, live mainly in nursing homes. With the book, we also want to start a social debate about the important role of food as an emotional factor for the elderly in retirement homes.

Our store "Vom Einfachen das Gute"

45 square meters retail space, 4,500 square meters of culinary aspiration. A place for discussions and beautiful, genuine, product producer stories. A store in which we would like to shop ourselves. Good has a two meanings for us. Good in the sense of culinary good, tasty. And good in the sense of responsible.

Margret & Karl

The organic apple juice market is primarily driven by price. Trademarks dominate the shelves. With the freshly tree-squeezed apple juice "Margret & Karl", Voelkel wants to recapture a piece of this market. The juice is a tribute to the two founders Margret and Karl.

From a good product to the visionary brand.

Today, there are numerous sellers of organic juice. Due to the rapid growth of the organic market, and joy of developing new products, clarity of WHY one is doing WHAT one is doing is sometimes getting lost. In a strategic process with Voelkel, we have worked out the WHY again.

Sumatra Espresso

A fine espresso, driven not only by the love of great coffee, but together with true, heartfelt concern. The raw coffee comes from smallholder peasant families, who cultivate their coffee gardens in rainforest friendly ways. We buy the coffee, roast and taste it.

Talks & Events

The future belongs to good food stories. Farmers, cheese makers, butchers and bakers will be the rock stars. Because real stories move consumers emotionally instead of only informing factually. Stories place the WHY instead of the WHAT at the center.